Jacob Waas is formally educated as an architect with over eight years of experience focused on human-centered design thinking, digital experience strategy, and computational design. His background in architecture provided him with the foundation and discipline needed to become an all-around designer, critical thinker, and creative storyteller. Jacob established his design career by going beyond the traditional role of an architect to develop a range of skills from creating virtual experiences, animated content, and branded environments, to designing diverse spatial strategies and visualizing graphic narratives. As a result, he has a passion for studying the human experience and understanding our physical, digital, and emotional interactions with space, content, culture, and time. In his current role, he continues leading design teams to deliver strategic design proposals that provide the foundation for user experience across architecture, interior design, and digital media. As a product of the Post-Digital Age, he plays the role of the educated millennial, ambitiously embracing new technology and forever faithful in design as a path to a more progressive future.

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